Use of Research to Drive Innovation and Business Results
  1. Increased Walk-in Clinic Convenience and Volume
    Designed and implemented a research program that indicated opportunity for significant upgrades to the patient registration and wait experience. Under my leadership, our clinics were the first in the industry to provide wait time estimates and self-scheduling.
  2. Oversaw Clinics' Patient Engagement Program
    Led the Patient Engagement program for national retail clinic organization including survey development, goal-setting, analyzing and communicating results, and leading staff incentive program. Clinics performed within top 10% of Gallup engagement database.
  3. Led first DTC Research Program
    Established and implemented research protocol for brand positioning and ad development research and ROI measurement for global pharmaceutical company's first major consumer brand which became a blockbuster drug.
  4. Patient Experience Roadmap
    Developed and implemented organization's first experiential roadmap based on IDIs and focus groups with patients, healthcare professionals and executives; ethnographic research; and mystery shop study.
  5. Life Stage Segmented Marketing Campaign
    Conceived of and managed the creation and implementation of company's first life stage segmented multi-media consumer campaign.
  6. First Experiential Training
    Used quantitative and qualitative research to uncover best practices of highest rated Nurse Practitioners then partnered with the training team to develop clinic's first patient experience learning modules, which were taken by over 1,500 healthcare professionals.